General information

Prof. Irakli Simonia


Dr. Irakli Simonia is an astrophysicist, inventor, and specialist of the ancient astronomy. The field of his scientific research involves: organic ice of cometary nuclei; cometary halo; meteorites; pre-solar grains; the interplanetary dust; frozen and mineral particles of interstellar and circumstellar dust; protoplanetary nebula; archaeoastronomical monuments of the Bronze Age and Antiquity; ethno-cosmological materials; astronomical manuscripts. His inventive activity is directed to construction of the optical instruments for different types of research. He is the author of more than 65 scientific articles in astrophysics; cosmochemistry; ancient astronomy; and technical physics. He participated in the international conferences and symposiums on the topics mentioned above. He is Associate professor of astronomy  at the School of Natural Sciences and Engineering of Ilia State University, Georgia; He was adjunct professor of astronomy at the Center for Astronomy of James Cook University, Australia.
I.Simonia is full member of the American Astronomical Society; Individual member of the International Astronomical Union; A member of European Society “Astronomy in Culture”; and other international organisations.
The sphere of his scientific interests involves also the problem of origin and evolution of life in the universe; diffuse interstellar bands; and properties of dark matter.
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